Sunday, July 20, 2008

Men or better titled who are these asshats and why are they attracted to me?

Hola kids! Once again long time no see. I swear I'm gonna get better about blogging just as soon as my life gets under control. So on to the story of the day

It seems I've acquired another admirer. Now a few years ago I prayed to God to send me a tall sweet handsome man preferably with a steady income and an accent. Obviously I needed to be a little more specific cause what I got was Peter. A 6'5 Russian who worked my last good nerve. If you have not heard the stories, just ask I'll be happy to share. Since that ended a few months ago I decided to renew my prayers and I've been sent another gem who will remain nameless since he also happens to work with me. I think my prayers were once again a little garbled cause I was sent a 6'0 lying German! The tall part is getting taken care of we just need a little work on the rest. If you're wondering, accents of choice are English, Scottish and Irish and maybe Australian.

I should give you a little background though to bring you up to speed. As a rule Julie is not a big fan of dating work folks. It almost always leads to trouble, tension and the desire to run screaming from your workplace however he has nice eyes and my BFF Autumn is always telling me I need to stop being so picky and go out more. Anywho I've had the pleasure of knowing said gem for the last 8 years or so. When we first met he was married and unfortunately that didn't work out or so he said. I give him my number because what the hell, I can have a cup of coffee and if nothing happens at least I tried right? So a conversation or two later, nothing really happens but something just felt off. He seemed to call only while he was at work and only on his cell phone. Now I know lots of people don't have home phones but still. Anyways I was out for some much needed adult beverages with some co-workers when the topic of men who lust after Julie came up. Well if you read my blog you know I have another admirer at work so it was brought up that "why don't you date him Julie he loves you?" Again people HE'S FRICKIN MARRIED! So I put the kibosh on that one real quick and went back to enjoying my Blue Moon. But no they thought it would be hilarious to decide who amongst our work folks would be suitable for me to hook up with. So my new little friend came up. Now I don't say anything cause no one needs to know my business and I must admit I'm a little curious as to what others have to say about him. Well first and foremost HE'S FRICKIN MARRIED! Secondly he's been hitting on all the women in the sales office. OK who did I kill in a past life? Who's karma am I paying for? Do I only attract married men and weirdos?

As you can imagine I'm pretty pissed off. So I decide to confront the loser. And yep he's married. He says he told me, I say bull shit cause there ain't no way something like that is slipping my mind. This is a non negotiable for Julie, there's no way he could have slipped that in and I would have been like oh ok well that's alright! His excuse is I don't love her but I don't have a green card and don't want to be deported. WTF? Seriously guys, dating blows.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Say what now?

So I've been away a while. Not that I've actually gone any where I just have not had the pressing desire to blog lately. Lots of stuff has been happening in the realm of Julie and its kept me from my peeps. Anywho thought I'd share a pet peeve of mine today.

So I'm standing at the front desk (yes again) and we've had another of our delightful tour groups check in. Now Julie loves all people but I gotta say French folks work my nerves. I don't mean to over generalize but Frenchies are rude and kinda hard headed. I shouldn't have to say 5 times "Je ne parle pas le fran├žais" which I dutifully researched and means I don't speak french dumb ass! OK so maybe not dumb ass but close enough. If I ever have the great fortune to be able to travel Europe, out of common courtesy I plan on learning a few basic phrases in each language. I know this is gonna make me sound like an arrogant ass American but if you're gonna visit please pick up a few words so I'm not blankly staring at you trying to grasp one of the two hundred words streaming from your mouth extremely quickly.

Thank you, Merci, Ringraziarla, Gracias, Vielen Dank, Obrigado! :)