Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kennedy? Really?

So I was having a conversation with Mama O'Neal last night and we got to talking politics. While I enjoy talking politics I must admit that I am not the most well informed person. I try, I really do, I read the news, turn on CNN periodically and skim Time and Newsweek but there's just so much chatter! Get to the point people, I ain't got all day! Anywho mama and i were talking and she told me she was going to vote for Obama but more importantly she hadn't decided to cast her vote since Kennedy. Really ma, Kennedy? You haven't voted in over 40 years? Granted its only every 4 years so that's like 10 missed chances but still. However I'm not really one to talk I've only voted once and really I was forced (Thanks Sally). Not so much forced but shown that if I'm gonna complain at the jackass in the white house maybe I should let my voice be heard. It occurred to me last night how much this year's election is affecting so many people. When all is said and done history will be made and I'm just glad to say I could be part of it. SO that being said, don't be lazy, go out and vote! Add to the chatter and let your voice be heard, cause if you don't you really have no reason to bitch over the next 4 years.

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