Friday, October 10, 2008


That's right folks, New Kids are back and older than ever! So I know this is old news to most people however I was going through my emails today and came across a email from Now if you don't know travelzoo, mostly it features discount packages on airfare and hotels and such. Since my hotel sometimes has specials on it I decided to sign up for emails. Now I never knew they also sent out specials on event tickets. Well I got an email with and "outstanding" offer on NKOTB tickets. It seems that the heartthrobs of my younger years are not selling the tickets that they used to. So instead of $50-$70 a ticket they've dropped the price to $20 for lower level seats. Now this hurts me. I used to love love love the New kids. I was a huge fan of Jonathon actually, although he never sang by himself and really can't carry a tune. Anyways I was discussing this with a few friends of mine and I've decided I'm going to the concert! I feel I need to do my part and support the boy-band now man-band in their quest to rediscover their youth. While I doubt this will be the concert of the century I'm sure it'll be a good time and I'll be sure to blog about it later. If the boys are in your area do you part and see a mediocre show! Peace out!


The Other Half said...

I won 4 free tickets and cannot get Cambria to commit to going with me!!! She tells me it has something to do with musical taste...or my lack of musical taste?

Jewels said...

That is unacceptable! I will speak with her. They may be horrible but it is her duty to see that show, support the mid life crisis. I missed it, no one would go with me either. :(