Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Ok so I must admit to being lame. This is a tough day for me. Julie is not often lame but I had a lame moment. I went and saw Twilight on opening day. No I was not one of the cracked out teens standing in line for a 2am showing but I did go. And what's worse is I left work early to go. Let me give you a little background.

If you didn't know Julie has a new job. BTW - LOVE MY JOB! It's crazy coming to work and enjoying what you do. Anyways when I was offered said job, I was told that all the ladies in the office were nuts over the Twilight series (thanks to me pushing it on them as it was pushed on me by CW) so they were going to close the office early on that Friday and have a group outing to see the movie! Seriously I love my job.

So here's the lame part, we sent someone over to the theater early to buy tickets. Then we devised a plan to cut out of a conference call early so we could make sure to get a good seat. About an hour before the show started I left to hold seats for the rest of the office. All of this for a teen vampire movie! Really Julie? Really? Aren't you 30?

Anyways this really all comes down to one thing. The movie was not the greatest. I raved about the book. I am personally responsible for half the females in my hotel reading the series. The movie fell really short. I'm lame and let down. Not cool. There is one bright spot. I am not the lamest of the lame. Two of the other ladies in my office have already seen it again with plans to return a third time. Once was enough thank you, I'll just wait for the DVD release.

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Alisa said...

That's really funny; I am lame along with you? Nothing beats the magic of the book, 'tis true.