Thursday, December 11, 2008

Two weeks...

So it's two weeks til Christmas! Is anyone else feeling particularly rushed right now? I have done very little shopping, I've completed not one Christmas card (don't worry it's in the mail, you'll get it by New Year's) and I still have a mountain of Christmas cookies to bake! I swear I barely blinked and it was November, then that flew by and we're already two weeks into December.

I have accomplished one thing. I've gotten Christmas pictures of my niece! She turned six months old today! Pretty impressive for a baby they thought wouldn't make it a few months ago. And how is she you may ask? She is fabulous. As the following picture will attest to:

Cutest baby ever! She is doing so well, it brings tears to my eyes. Major milestones this week are she's eating out of a bottle now and almost rolling over. Still lots of work to be done, but she's come along way. Major props to Grandma(my mama) for loving her and encouraging her when her doctors said she may die and not to resuscitate if she did (bastards!), her therapists for coming by weekly to help her along, and all the doctor's, nurse's and medical professionals who gave us hope when hope was almost gone. And not to sound like a cheesy actor at an awards show but thanks to God for all he's given.


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